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Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings has an average rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 1 customer reviews.

Propose her with a gorgeous oval cut diamond engagement ring which combines the sparkle of round brilliant cut diamond with the elongated shape of a marquise. The classic appearance of the oval cut diamonds offers a similar in appearance to the classic round diamonds but for an affordable price. Yes, it's not a secret that round brilliant cut diamonds are the most expensive diamond cut so the oval cut diamond is an affordable alternative for those who couldn't go with brilliant cuts. The less price doesn't mean they are not beautiful. Indeed they are elegant, unique, and very brilliant compared to other fascinating diamond cuts. Bursting with brilliance and fire these oval cut diamond added a heart-stopping exquisite and uniqueness to your engagement ring.

So there is no doubt the elongated shape of the Oval Cut offers a sophisticated beauty to the wearer and keeps her styles trendy and updated. Compared to the past now these diamond-cut gaining more popularity and celebrities acting the biggest role in the case. Serena Williams rocked the oval engagement ringworld with her with large centre oval cut diamond three stone platinum engagement ring. Also Katharine McPhee, Blake Lively, Julianne Hough and Karlie Kloss are rocks huge, sparkling oval diamonds. Though the oval cut diamond rings are slightly unusual, they are perfect classy alternative and unique designs suits for any lifestyle.

Ring Setting for an Oval Cut Diamond

Brilliyond offers perfectly blending a timeless and modern aesthetic oval cut diamond engagement ring collection for those who have unconventional tastes. Brilliyond's Viola design is such a stunning vintage-inspired oval diamond engagement ring design which combines the old beauty with a new vibe. Though oval cut diamonds could be designed with several settings most popular setting choices for oval diamond rings are prong and bezel settings. The prong setting leaves more visibility of the diamond. As with the pretty much bigger look of oval cut diamonds together with prong setting let you own a bigger looking engagement ring for an affordable price. The prong setting could be four-prongs or else six-prongs setting. There are both pros and cons for choosing each of these settings. If you go for four -prong then it will leave more of your oval diamond visible but also it eave more of the stone exposed to damage. So if security is the most concern going for six prongs would be better. When concerning the metals platinum prongs are stronger than gold prongs. You could encircle your oval cut diamond with a metal band and we called this setting bezel setting. But this setting is not much popular when it comes to oval diamond engagement rings and the majority of ladies prefer solitaire prong setting or prong setting together with a halo.

What is this bow-tie effect of oval cut diamonds or oval diamond bow tie?

The fancy diamond cuts like marquise and ovals will probably have some degree of a bow-tie within them. Simply bow tie refers to a shadow that runs along the width of the diamond and its phenomenon resembles a man’s bowtie. When it comes to oval cut diamond it is a pair of black triangles across the middle of the diamond. But you don't need to be a worry with this effect as bow ties are very common and ovals have a bow-tie effect to some extent. If you believe or not a slight bowtie can actually add sexy appeal to your oval cut diamond.  When buying an oval cut diamond ring what you need to consider is avoid those diamonds with prominent and wide bowties .

However, within recent past years oval cut diamond engagement rings have become trendy and gaining high popularity. If you are not fallen for brilliant round cut diamonds then you'll find these oval cut diamond rings are just too much beautiful to ignore. Simply these diamond engagement rings are perfect for those who love the brilliance of round-cut diamonds but need added uniqueness to their engagement ring. You are the one who knows her choice. So it's your time to decide whether you should go with one of our stunning oval cut diamond engagement rings. If you fell in love with these gorgeous oval cut diamond engagement rings then put your order today and we are glad to let you know that we accept your ideas and always ready to craft the customized engagement rings as well. If you need further more details please do contact Brilliyond the best online jewellery in Australia.