Garnet Watchtower Hook Earrings

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Dance dramatically in delight as the sands of time come alive when dazzled with this spectacular pair of watchtower sterling silver hook earrings, designed to make any woman look her magnificent best. Recreate an enchanted evening when you impress any casual or formal ensemble with this extraordinary pair of garnet earrings. Designed to swathe her outfit perfectly, these earrings deliver a hauntingly flawless finish in a look of sheer radiance.

With spectacular natural garnet stones set on marvellous sterling silver setting, this pair of watchtower hook earrings delivers supreme craftsmanship and exceptional quality for such low prices that you will keep coming back for more. Add this exquisitely crafted piece of garnet jewellery to your wardrobe and watch as your wardrobe illuminates in enchantment.

Material: Sterling Silver

Gemstones: 2 X 5mm Genuine Natural Garnet Gemstones

SKU: 100360

2 Reviews for “Garnet Watchtower Hook Earrings”

  • Perfect gift

    by Marivic Escarpe on 8/15/2017 1:40:46 PM

    My husband gave this to me last month, i wear it daily to test the quality and i have been very impressed! Good job Brilliyond!

  • Amazing earrings..

    by Chelsia on 4/22/2016 12:36:21 PM

    These earrings are amazing! Divinely red & sparkly. Unique, uncommon design makes them a gorgeous statement piece. I am so thrilled with my purchase.

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