Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Seychelles with Diamond Accented Prongs in Rose Gold

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Product Details

Add a sparkle to your relationship or make that unforgettable memory of your proposal with this rose gold round cut diamond engagement ring "Seychelles". This comes with unique diamond accented prongs. This diamond engagement ring wraps up in an around stylish design elements in every part of the ring. Several different sizes of accent diamonds are used on the shank. The upper shank of the ring tapered towards the top and strengthened by doubling it along with the under gallery. The accent diamond sizes increase towards the lower shank. The lower gallery is made with a circular loop connecting to the upper shank with extended bridges and four diamond accented claws connect it to the top of the crown. It has enough area under the lower gallery to sheet onto your finger to stay comfortable.

Main Gemstone: 1 X Diamond of your Choice

Accent Gemstones: 4 X Round Cut Diamond - 1.0mm

Accent Gemstones: 6 X Round Cut Diamond - 1.1mm

Accent Gemstones: 5 X Round Cut Diamond - 0.8mm

Accent Gemstones: 18 X Round Cut Diamond - 1.2mm

Total Accent Diamond Weight: 0.202ct

Material: 18k Rose Gold

Weight: Approximately 5.5g (may vary depending on the ring size).

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$5556 only
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