Blue Sapphire Gatekeeper Butterfly Ring

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Offering high quality materials and fine craftsmanship, this gorgeous blue sapphire gatekeeper butterfly ring has a unique shape parading lavish style and impressive taste. With a blue sapphire encrusted in the centre of a butterfly moulding on a sterling silver band, this ring manages to create a look of devastating attraction, whether you pair it with a formal outfit for the evening or a casual ensemble for your afternoon get-together. Flawless artistry and a breathtaking design allow the ring to wrap beautifully around your finger as you adorn it with a range of different fashions. This flawless blue sapphire butterfly ring will not burden you thanks to its wallet-friendly price available at our online store whether you’re based in Sydney or anywhere else in Australia. Delivering enduring beauty and elegance, you’re sure to sparkle like this dazzling ring on your finger.

Material : Sterling Silver

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