Moonstones are not the first choice when it comes to fine jewellery, but they are growing in importance as the gemstones gain more attention. Moonstones are silicates that consist of sodium-potassium and aluminium, that are found mainly in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), and known for their historical use in ancient constructions, and today have been shaped and cut into gemstones that are being used in jewellery, including fine engagement rings. Moonstones are powerful symbolically, as the gemstone for the month of June, are valued for various mystical and other cultural reasons, and valued for reasons that go beyond their glow. Moonstones are opalescent stones, which means they display shifting hues. Moonstone engagement rings are the new entry into the world of engagement rings and are valued for their uniqueness and their lack of use in the world of fine jewellery. But that trend might change, as those who seek to showcase their individuality may choose this particular gemstone type to communicate that message. 


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