Sapphire Engagement Ring 6mm Cushion Cut Blue Sapphire in White Gold

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Product Details

Fall in love all over again as you bequeath your partner with this magnificent blue sapphire cushion cut engagement ring when you ask her to marry you. Straddled against the backdrop of supreme elegance, a centre blue sapphire stone shines brilliantly in a cushion cut setting encased in white cluster stones. Featuring stunning artistry and jaw-dropping design, this blue sapphire engagement ring resonates with a touch of brilliance to display an aura of exclusivity and distinction. The white gold band is also encased beautifully with white cluster stones, which only adds to the heart-stopping beauty of this glistening ring.

If you’re looking for a unique sapphire jewellery without having to spend a fortune, you’ll benefit tremendously from this sapphire ring choice swathed in beautiful design and time-tested quality materials when you buy it online at unbeatable prices. If you’re based in Sydney or anywhere else in Australia, you’ll get the benefit of our great deals.

Main Gemstone: 1 X Natural Sapphire of your choice

Accent Gemstones: 14 X Natural Diamond - Round - 1.7mm

Accent Gemstones: 20 X Natural Diamond - Round - 1.3mm

Total Diamond Weight: 0.474ct

Material: 18k White Gold

Weight: Approximately 4g (may vary depending on the ring size)

Live Gemstone Inspections

Live Gemstone Inspection

One of the truly unique service we provide to our customers is real-time gemstone inspection. One of the challenges in buying your expensive gemstone engagement ring is to make sure that you are getting the right gemstone for the ring.

We use cutting edge gemstone video technology to show you the gemstone in real time. Our designers will pick a few gemstones which match your criteria and have a video call to discuss your preferences and pick the one you like. Just use the online chat to initiate the conversation or just drop an email,

Engagement Rings Usability Facts

Width of the Band

The wider the band the tighter it feels. A narrow band can have a slight play unless made a bit tightly.

Elevated Centre Stone

Risk of damage due to exposure. Not suitable if you want to engage in activities while wearing.

Gemstone Durability

Diamonds, sapphire, and rubies are very durable and well suitable for engagement rings.


If you go for a very delicate custom engagement ring, it is better to get the size correctly because resizing can be challenging.

General Wear and Tear

Engagement rings need maintenance. Contact us immediately if you feel the stones are getting lose.

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