Two Tone Engagement Ring Helen

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Product Details

"Was this the face that launch'd a thousand ships, / And burnt the topless towers of Ilium." (Act V, Scene I.)

Make your lady feel like a queen on the day of your wedding proposal as you get down on your knee and give her this two tone gold engagement ring in an 18k gold band - without actually spending all of your savings.

Inspired by the heavenly charm and irresistible beauty of miss Helen of Troy, this unique two tone engagement ring showcases a breathtaking elegance that is no less than its namesake. Delicately designed by Brilliyond's internationally recognised and award-winning jewellery artist, this Australian gold jewellery is handcrafted using only the highest quality of materials with the most treasured gemstones in the world today. 

Helen's sophisticated style and its timely elegance are what made this gold engagement ring a quintessential piece of your lady's wardrobe collection, not to mention its chic and versatile design making it the perfect accessory on all kind of formal and non-formal occasions. This delicate piece is made of a stylish mixed metal 18k gold band with fifty-six Pave set accent stones available in natural diamonds or CZ (cubic zirconia) and a pair of natural pink sapphires embedded on the bridge.

At this ring's crown is a gigantic four-pronged 6mm gemstone of your own choice. You can personally choose from our best quality and ethically sourced collection of natural gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, garnets, amethysts and aquamarines to be handset on your ring. Brilliyond's diamonds are guaranteed conflict-free and our best selling sapphires are directly imported from Sri Lanka where they are originally mined from the earth and are currently available in different shades of blue, pink, yellow and white natural colours.

Because we directly import our gemstones from our own verified sources, we can guarantee that they are of best quality and at the same time we can offer you a much lower price compared to any other online jewellery shops in Australia. It usually takes no more than three weeks for your order/s to be completed after which we shall gladly deliver them for free nationwide. So feel free to browse through and realise your dream engagement ring that will immortalise your most romantic memories. 

Main Gemstone: 1 Piece - Round - 6mm

Accent Gemstones: 40 Pieces - Round - 1mm

Accent Gemstones: 16 Pieces - Round - 1.4mm

Accent Gemstones: 2 Pieces - Round - 1.8mm

Material: 18k Gold

Weight: Approximately 4g (may vary depending on the ring size)

The Design

Engagement Rings Usability Facts

Width of the Band

The wider the band the tighter it feels. A narrow band can have a slight play unless made a bit tightly.

Elevated Centre Stone

Risk of damage due to exposure. Not suitable if you want to engage in activities while wearing.

Gemstone Durability

Diamonds, sapphire, and rubies are very durable and well suitable for engagement rings.


If you go for a very delicate custom engagement ring, it is better to get the size correctly because resizing can be challenging.

General Wear and Tear

Engagement rings need maintenance. Contact us immediately if you feel the stones are getting lose.

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