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Yellow Gold Cubic Zirconia Huggie Earrings Yellow Gold Cubic Zirconia Huggie Earrings

Yellow Gold Cubic Zirconia Huggie Earrings

Chipmunk Aircraft Necklace Yellow Gold

Sterling Silver Gold Plated Ora Bello Anklet

Yellow Gold V Shaped Dhalia Inspired Ring

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Shop our stunning collection of yellow gold plated jewellery collection at Brilliyond. Find the most perfect stylish and classic jewellery pieces to match your day to day styles. All our designs are unique and beautiful and therefore Brilliyond has become one of Australia's favourite online jewellery stores. aal our yellow gold plated jewellery made of sterling silver and are 18k yellow gold plated perfectly. If you in love with yellow gold jewellery but need to stay in a budget then yellow gold plated jewellery make the best option. As an affordable option, these plated jewellery allow you to stick to new trendy jewellery fashion at all time. When new trends are in the industry you don't need to break the bank. Owning a luxury appeal yellow gold jewellery is not a dream or hard goal any more as we offer delicately crafted yellow gold plated jewellery. At our store, you could own yellow gold plated earrings, studs, pendants, rings and anklets.

Yellow gold plating refers to a process that a thin layer of yellow gold is bonded onto a base metal. At Brilliyond we use sterling silver as the base metal for all of the plated jewellery. The gold plating is mostly used to mimic the expensive jewellery pieces. It is really hard to distinguish between the real yellow gold and the yellow gold plated jewellery piece. When technically speaking the yellow gold plating takes several steps and first of all clean the base metal perfectly is must in order to produce the best results. After that, a thin layer of high-quality nickel is plated on top of sterling silver base metal. The final layer is 18k yellow gold layer and once it achieved correct gold plating thickness jewellery is hung to dry.

Is yellow gold plated real gold and does it tarnish over time? 

Yes, of course. We confidently confirm that all the Brilliyond's yellow gold plated jewellery is 18k yellow gold plated. Generally, Gold plating thickness could be range between .17 to 2.5 microns. When it is approximately around 2.5 we called it heavy gold plated and when the plating thicker plating lasts longer. Just as other metal platings yellow gold plating also fade and tarnish over time. With this issue the jewellery losing its initial lustre and brightness. Actually this happens due to the effects of base metal as the base metal is prone to corroding and oxidizing. As we used nickel plating on top of the base metal in the plating process the tarnishing is very slow compared to direct plating on the base metal. So we ensure if you maintain your yellow gold plated jewellery perfectly then you can keep its initial lustre and shine for a long time. If your jewellery piece tarnished then easily you could replate it and recover the jewellery appeal's stunning. The plated jewellery couldn't handle the rough exposure. Therefore take good care of your jewellery when you handle.

Why use yellow gold plating over any other metal plating?

The biggest reason is yellow gold is again back in style and rocking the fashion industry than ever. So owning a collection of yellow gold jewellery would keep you trendy and stylish. Yellow gold is always appreciating for its warmth, lustre and value. The royal members like Meghan Markle rock the jewellery world with her yellow gold engagement ring. So it's not dated metal anymore. Even it's a small jewellery piece or a large one such as a necklace still all of them are delicate and lovely. So you will not regret adding a stunning yellow gold plated jewellery to your jewellery collection even years later.

Explore our collection of stunning yellow gold plated jewellery collection from anklets, rings, pendants and earrings which delicately crafted with base metal sterling silver and plated with 18k yellow gold. All these unique Australian jewellery are perfect gift options as well. Shop online at Brilliyond Australia and we are glad to say we do free shipping over Australia and best products and service guaranteed.