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White Gold Buttercup Spiral Earrings White Gold Buttercup Spiral Earrings

White Gold Buttercup Spiral Earrings

Athena Cubic Zirconia Hollow Triangular Penda...

Athena Cubic Zirconia Hollow Circular Earrings

Chipmunk Aircraft Necklace White Gold

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White Gold Cubic Zirconia Huggie Earrings White Gold Cubic Zirconia Huggie Earrings

White Gold Cubic Zirconia Huggie Earrings

White Gold V Shaped Dhalia Inspired Ring

Athena Cubic Zirconia Filled Circular Earrings

Athena Cubic Zirconia Filled Triangular Earri...

Athena Cubic Zirconia Filled Triangular Penda...

White Gold Saddle Back Hoop Earrings

Athena Cubic Zirconia Filled Circle Pendant N...

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White Gold Spiral CZ Pendant White Gold Spiral CZ Pendant

White Gold Spiral CZ Pendant

Athena Cubic Zirconia Halo Pendant Necklace

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White Gold Plated Jewellery has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 12 customer reviews.

In the fashion industry, appearance is the most concerning fact. To be stylish and trendy you don't need to spend dozens of dollars for one piece of jewellery. We know that girls love to own a huge jewellery collection which they could match for occasions and their day to day casual styles as well. Therefore you could go for jewellery pieces plated with a certain metal of your interest and usually, they are cheaper than the ones made of real metal. So it saves your money while giving you the same appeal. If you are located in Australia now you have the best option to select brilliant gold plated designs for you or else for your loved ones. Brilliyond is Australian based jewellery designer and we do the free delivery around the country. So save your money together with your time by making an online order with Brilliyond. Explore our wide range of white gold plated jewellery collections which offers swirl designs that you could die for.

Do you know that white gold is not white until it's rhodium-plated? It is a jewellery industry standard that white gold used for jewellery is plated with rhodium. So what does it actually mean by white gold plated jewellery? when the jewellery is plated with rhodium we called them white gold plated jewellery. At Brilliyond we offer white gold plated necklaces, white gold plated rings, white gold plated pendants and white gold plated earrings which are in stunning designs and affordable price you could never find anywhere in Australia. For the white gold plated pieces of jewellery to give them real diamond appeal we use cubic zirconia gemstones. For example, if you visit our stunning White Gold V Shaped Dhalia Inspired Ring then it exactly appeals like a white gold diamond ring. So now you know which extend a white gold plated jewellery could uplift your style and personality in a budget-friendly manner. 

Why choose white gold plate?

As there are other gold plate options why you should go with a white gold plate? The first reason is the elegance it could add to a piece of jewellery and it is one of the most popular and outstanding metal out of all gold types. So the white gold plated jewellery make sure that your style is not dated and trendy at all. If you compared the white gold plating cost with others as rhodium is a very precious metal it can cost multiple times more than gold. Also, the white gold plating using rhodium makes the jewellery much whiter, and the most reflective of all metals. 

What you should know before buying white gold plated jewellery?

Always there is a hidden disadvantage behind the cheaper things and it is same for this plated jewellery as well. It's true that white gold plated jewellery could offer you the same look and feel of real white gold jewellery but don't expect it to be last forever. Generally speaking white plating on your jewellery should definitely last longer than two years but it also depends on the maintenance and the how hard you are on your jewellery. If you using it daily then it will fade easily and therefore you need to pay more attention to when maintaining and handling white gold plated jewellery. Even after years, you could regain the same look again by replating the same jewellery. When using a white plated jewellery never spray on perfume any cologne to hit the jewellery surface. Also after use make sure to clean the dust and dirt on your jewellery with a cotton ball or a soft cloth and put it inside a covered box. Following these tips will help you with maintaining the white gold plate for a long time period.

So to be honest it is always true that buying white gold plated jewellery is a great option when looking for a fashion accessory or a gift that doesn’t harm your pocket. As our stunning white gold plated jewellery collection offers various eye-catching designs you could easily afford them and they will do perfectly well with any piece of clothing of yours. Explore our luxury elegant white gold plated jewellery collection which offers the latest jewellery trends for a surprisingly affordable price in Australia today. Become a premium customer and enrich your jewellery collection with these fascinating white gold plated jewellery that will uplift your style and passion for jewellery than ever.