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Overtly warmth colour rose gold is such a luxurious feminine option for jewellery lovers. But it is not always possible to go with the real rose gold but you could still go with rose gold plated jewellery. The jewellery made of rose gold is both delicate and feminine to watch and wear. And the rose gold plated jewellery could possibly give the same look and feel of real rose gold. This precious rose gold metal plated jewellery looks absolutely gorgeous when stacked alone, or else mixed with other metals.  Discover our stunning rose gold plated jewellery collection which is unique and fascinating. Our collection offers cutesy rose gold plated studs, rose gold plated rings and rose gold plated necklace and chains, pendants as well all are delicately crafted in sterling silver. These rose gold plated jewellery helps to add more rose gold into your jewellery collection for an affordable price. If you are a stylish woman who loves fashionable accessories then you may already have a huge collection of fashion jewellery with you. It's true woman never get enough of, especially when it comes to accessories. But as the money always matters going for precious rose gold jewellery is not always possible, at that point rose gold plated jewellery is such an affordable option. Brilliyond's rose gold jewellery ensure that you’ll always have something to match with your dress and occasions and it complements your skin whether it's pale or dark.

Sterling Silver with Rose Gold Plating 

All of Brilliyond's rose gold plated jewellery is made of sterling silver and then plated with 18k rose gold shade. We often use white cubic zirconia for the jewellery designs as they add kind of diamond look to your piece of jewellery. Also, we use ruby, amethyst and other colourful gemstones to add more sparkle to your rose gold plated jewellery. When it comes to plated jewellery the most frequently asked question is how long the plating will last? This is same for the rose gold plated jewellery as well. The answer depends on the type of plating, how often you wear it and how you take care of it. For example, rose gold plating on a ring normally wear off faster than rose gold plating on a pendant and necklaces. The reason is the rings constantly rubs with fingers and objects throughout the day. However, taking care of the jewellery make the rose gold plating long-lasting. When you storing your jewellery make sure you cover it with a soft cloth to avoid things getting rub against it as it could damage the plated coating. Anyway, if the jewellery comes to a state where the plating needs to take place then re-plating is fast and inexpensive.

 Rose Gold Plated jewellery make the perfect gifts ever

Who doesn't like to wear a pair of rose gold earrings with their favourite summer dress or show off a cute rose gold ring or a rose gold necklace or chain on the Christmas party or else new year eve party. When it comes to ladies they never regret a jewellery gift and that's the best choice of gift you could ever give to a lady. As the party and occasional gifts are not expected to be more expensive instead of loving and darling the rose gold plated jewellery is such a nice choice of gift. As these rose gold plated earrings, studs and pendants are really simple and minimalist they are perfect fits to the day to day styles.  Compared to other metals rose gold plated jewellery never look odd when it paired with casual jeans and t-shirt styles even. Whether you searching for studs, hoops, or simple earrings we have them all rose gold plated and made of sterling silver. Also if you love to own beautiful rose gold pendants, rings and necklaces we would love you to explore our classy stunning rose gold plated jewellery collection today.

If you are passionate about jewellery and fashionable accessories then you know that rose gold jewellery is an eternal classic, which you can pair with lots of different casual outfits and occasional styles as well. So let these stunning rose gold plated jewellery to contribute to enhancing your personal style and confidence. At Brilliyond we have simple, classic and truly unique jewellery pieces which are perfectly rose gold plated for you to choose from. So choose the jewellery you like the best and enhance your jewellery collection for affordable prices. As we are an Australian based jewellery company we do free delivery around Australia. So place your online order today and own these stunning rose gold jewellery.